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  • How to prepare your child for starting school – free information evening

    We will be hosting a free information evening in Wexford Library, at 7pm on Tuesday 19th June 2018. We will discuss topics such as Language skills, core vocabulary, and following instructions Joining conversations, making friends, and social skills Speech clarity Come and join us! No need to book, and all are welcome.

  • World MS Day 2018 – 30th May

    See what our Speech and Language Therapists have to say about Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis: How can a Speech and Language Therapist Help? Speech and swallowing problems are common in Multiple Sclerosis. The part of the brain responsible for the muscle control of the lips, tongue, soft palate, vocal chords or respiratory system can be […]

  • Training course in Dementia – Mallow

    The Speech Centre in MPHC Mallow is running an information and training evening for family members and carers of people with dementia. The focus will be on practical ways to shape conversations so that people with dementia can take part, no matter what stage of dementia they are at.

  • Talking to People with Dementia; Information / Training Evening for family members and carers

    We are delighted to announce our workshops for family members and carers of people with dementia which will take place this November in Killarney and Mallow. The workshops will focus on how dementia affects communication, how to talk to somebody with dementia and tips and strategies to help conversation. Please book in advance in order to avoid disappointment!

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