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Our clinic is located in Suite 2 of the Redmond Medical Centre, which is in the centre of Wexford town opposite the railway station and easily accessed from all surrounding areas. A team of medical services are located in Redmond Medical Centre, including GPs, audiologists, and the Beacon Clinic, and we are proud to provide Speech and Language Therapy alongside these practitioners.

Car parking is available right outside the door, or there are various other parking options within a five minute walk from the clinic. The Wexford branch of The Speech Centre is run by a local Speech and Language Therapist who works in a bright, cosy, well-equipped therapy room. You will have access to your own waiting room where you can relax before the Speech and Language Therapist welcomes you to your appointment. We cater for both children and adults of all ages and abilities in our clinic. Please feel free to give us a call on 0852121021 if you have any questions at all.

Overall, I would say my experience with the Speech Centre has been one which has encouraged, helped and benefited me greatly. The approach is both gentle and affirming, yet has also enabled me to journey much further along the road of control than I would ever have imagined possible. I now have more hope, more control and can see that I should not be defined by this speech impediment.

Suite 2
Redmond Medical Centre
Redmond Square Wexford Ireland
Phone: 085 2121021

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    Meet the Wexford Team

    • Fiona Cowman

      Fiona is a very experienced SLT with over 20 years working in various clinical settings and countries. She is also a mum of two young boys giving her an insight into the joys and trials of parenthood. She lives on a farm, raising her two boys with her partner as well as some chickens and cats. She works part-time with The Speech Centre in Wexford town.

      Fiona graduated with a BSc in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Ulster in 2000, followed up by Management of Eating, Drinking and Swallowing in Adults and Paediatrics from the University of Limerick in 2006 and an MSc from University College London in Human Communication Science in 2007. She has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked with children in a variety of settings including community care, the disability sector and schools.

      Fiona has worked with clients with developmental speech and language delays and disorders, speech delays and disorders including Childhood Apraxia of Speech, dysfluency, Intellectual Disability, Downs Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, eating and drinking difficulties and other complex needs. She has worked with many clients from a culturally and linguistically diverse background as well as training as an autism assessor (please note that we are not providing ASD assessments at this time).

      Fiona is registered with CORU and is a full member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists. She strives to keep her professional education up to date and has completed the following courses: Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk, More Than Words and Talkability, the Alert program, Talking Mats and Cued Articulation as well as many other courses on ASD, childhood apraxia of speech, eating and drinking difficulties, cultural awareness and Augmentative and Alternative Communication among others.

    • catriona lysaght, the speech centre ireland Catriona Lysaght

      Before completing her Masters in Speech and Language Therapy in 2006, Catriona’s background was in education and linguistics, where she worked with children and young adults with language and behavioural difficulties, and in a physical disability setting in Speech and Language Therapy. On completion of her Masters, she worked for a number of years in an acute hospital, before moving to community adult services. She has since specialised in the treatment of feeding and swallowing disorders in the adult population, and currently provides services to nursing homes and hospitals around Ireland. She has completed post-graduate specialised training in Adult Acquired Neurological Dysphagia, Videofluoroscopy Analysis, and Cervical Auscultation.

      Over the years Catriona has also worked in paediatric settings, gaining a firm knowledge of various therapy approaches and techniques, including PECs, the Derbyshire Language Scheme, Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, and Kids Express Train, which uses music in therapy for children with autism. She is also trained in Lamh and Irish Sign Language, as well as clinical voice skills including Laryngeal Manual Therapy.

      Catriona began work in private practice in 2009, and established her own clinic in 2010. The Speech Centre has now expanded to eight locations around Ireland, and the team of Speech and Language Therapists is growing. Catriona is dedicated to furthering the professional development of herself and her team, and is involved in training Undergraduate and Masters level Speech and Language Therapy students.