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Abbott process

Just in case you forget what to do! :o)

You will be sent a contract (Service Level Agreement or SLA) and a Garda Vetting form from Abbott to complete. Please do so as soon as possible, and keep a scanned copy of your SLA as you will need this for all visits.

You will receive referrals from Abbott by email (usually Rachel Lyons, sometimes Annette or Julie) with details of the nursing home, number of patients to be seen and name of the nurse to contact. You then contact the NH, make the appointment and then email Rachel to inform her of same, making sure to cc Catriona on all emails.

NB Abbott don’t currently use referral forms, so you won’t know the names of the residents you are to see until you arrive at the nursing home. This can sometimes lead to confusion, so be patient. There may also sometimes be additional residents that the nh would like you to see – if you have time to see them then go ahead (email Rachel after the visit to inform her there were extra people). If you don’t have time, schedule a second visit and again email Rachel after the visit to inform her that there were extra people and give her details of the second visit you have arranged.

After your visit, you must create an invoice. Please use unique invoices numbers for all Abbott invoices e.g. ABCL100 (Abbott + your initials + numerical sequence). There is a specific excel template and strict format that you must use to create this invoice. Once completed, you save it in PDF format. You then email this invoice in PDF format to and cc Catriona. The subject line of the email must read “invoice” and you also need to attach a copy of your signed PSA with each invoice, as well as a scanned copy of any receipts you’re claiming for (these must be in PDF format also, not JPEG). You can claim expenses for rice puddings, parking etc. from Abbott, but only if you have the receipt.

Record details of the invoice at the back of your income book. When payment comes through, Catriona will email you and you can then include it in that month’s income.